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About Us

"A people seeking to love God with heart, soul, mind and strength, to serve our community and love our neighbours as ourselves" 

If you're new and looking for a church, we would love you to pay us a visit. Tansley Methodist Church is a friendly and lively church which welcomes people of all ages who wish to explore their faith or just come along for a chat!
We have a range of services combined with other groups and social activities

Our History

Founded in 1829 and opened on Christmas Day of that year, the current building replaced an earlier one that was built on the site of a cockpit.
A list of the original trustees and their occupations is headed by John Hackett the 'owner of the Tape Mills down the Old Coach Road'. He was clearly the main benefactor and probably paid for most of the materials. Such was the enthusiasm of the members, who numbered about 54, that most of the work was done voluntarily durng the evenings.
GraveyardSome time later, probably in 1837, the graveyard was added (a step which is unusual for Methodist chapels). Seven members of the Hackett family are buried in the church yard, the other original trustess are buried at the Anglican Church at Crich 5 miles away.
The fact that the Methodist authorities took the unusual step of setting up a family grave in front of the church is clear eveidence that they were greatly respected as employers of labour. Unlike the cruel and oppressive employers at some of the Derbyshire mills.
John himself is not buried in the graveyard. 

Reverend Keith Bamford

Revd Keith BamfordBeing a Derbyshire man, I was thrilled to return "home" in September 2013 to continue my ministry here at Tansley.
I was born in Edale, where my Dad was the Station Master, and I spent my first 18 years as a "railway child" on the Hope Valley Line, most of them in Bamford, where my Mum and my Sister still live. (Dad died in 2004). After Bamford County Primary School and Lady Manners, I trained as a teacher of German and French in Warrington, although I ended up teaching EFL in Germany (Hamburg and Mainz), Whitby and Brighton, the latter two appointments being in Christian language schools.
In 1985 -6, I spent a year as a student at Cliff College and then after another year's EFL in Germany, I returned to answer and test the call I felt I had received to the Methodist ministry. After a reflection the first time around (and some happy years as a lay worker in Cornwall and Cardiff), I was accepted in 1991 and trained at Wesley College, Bristol. My circuits thus far have been Cromer & Sheringham (manse on the cliff-top), Worsley (Salford)(where I did a part-time MA course in evangelism at Cliff College), Tunstall & Burslem (Stoke on Trent) and most recently, the North Yorkshire Dales.
My 20 years of ministry have been very varied and often quite challenging. It has been a great privilege to serve some lovely 'people called Methodists' and to share with so many the Gospel, which is, as Paul says, "the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes". I look forward to exploring with you all how that Gospel can best be shared in the 21st century world.
You will discover that my other main interest is cricket, and specifically Derbyshire CCC, of whom I have been a fan since I was a lad! They may not be the best team in the world and they have often driven me to despair, but they are MY team!!
I am looking forward to getting to know you all so that we can share in the work of building God's kingdom.
In the meantime, I wish you God's richest blessing and peace.
Yours sincerely in Jesus,
Keith Bamford