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Thoughts for your week

2 Chronicles chp 7 vv 12 -14

Heavenly Father, we feel so bombarded with stories, headlines which cause us to worry. Please come and take our anxieties, give us clarity in our prayer and help us to focus our minds on you the author of our faith.

Zechariah ch.4 v 6

Lord, I don’t always have the words
the words to tell you how I am feeling
(to be honest, you know that better than I do)
the words to pray for those we love
the words to speak on behalf of our broken world
Lord, if we did not praise you
the stones would cry out –
so open my heart and my mouth
to worship you today.  Amen

Psalm 27   

2 Corinthians Ch 12 v 9

Philippians Ch 4  v 6 & 7

God of hope and of comfort open our hearts to you and to one another.
May we reflect your love in all we say, think and do
May we treat each other with kindness, remembering our own fragility
May we be generous in compassion and extravagant in mercy.
Give us patience, God, when our own is wearing thin.
Help us not to snap at our loved ones when the day is going wrong, instead help us come together as allies in the storm.
Nurture the ties between us, that we might act with grace
and see your face in the actions of your followers.
Where loneliness tugs, bring the consolation of your presence.
By your Spirit’s power, may the body of Christ be seen at work
in this our hurting world.
In Jesus’ name,