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Coast to Coast Walk, In Pictures

Walking across Britain, East to West

This past week Julie, Denise and Kath have been walking Coast to Coast.
Behind the scenes they have been supported by Julie's husband Steve. Cook, bottle washer, bag carrier and get away driver.
Their emotional journey started last spring. Whilst watching Comic Relief they were moved to act. Called to help the Kenyan people living in the Kibera slum… they wondered 'how'?
This walk is just part of the amazing money generating mission they've undertaken.
We are so proud of them.
Day 1 – They're off. Left to right – Julie, Denise and Kath
Day 2 – Still full of smiles. Left to right – Julie, Denise and Kath
Day 2 – Heaven field. Left to right – Julie and Denise
Day 3 – A few aches and pains. Left to right – Julie, Kath and Denise
Day 4 – Further along the trail than they thought they would be. Left to right – Denise, Julie and Kath
Day 5 – About to start another day. Rain, blisters and progress. Left to right – Denise, Julie and Kath
Day 5 – By the end of the day they are in Carlisle. Left to right – Denise, Julie and Kath
Day 6 – They've done it! Cheers! Left to right – Julie, Kath and Denise
Day 6 – The Finish Line. Julie's husband, Steve. The behind the scenes support to make it happen
All money raised is going to Kibera In Need to help alleviate poverty in the Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya. Approximately 800,000 people live within 2.5 kilometres and endure inadequate shelter and poor sanitation.
Houses are sheds with corrugated iron roofs, roads are tracks strewn with litter, sanitation is non existent and raw sewage spills over the pathways. The stench is overpowering and disease is rife.
Some 20% of children die before their fifth birthday and close to 60% of people living in the Kibera have HIV/AIDS.
Few have jobs.
Lives are short and high in misery, yet many people retain a sense of dignity and a desire to make something of their lives.
Please donate now if you're able. Julie is collecting money via her page on JustGiving.
God Bless!

Love Your Neighbour

Scripture says: ‘We are to love our neighbour as we love our self.’ But what happens when you don’t like yourself? Can you really love your neighbour when you dislike the person in the mirror? Or does self loathing explain the problems in the world today? Because we send our self-hatred ‘out there’.


UK Coast to Coast Walk for Kibera, Kenya

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Perhaps that is the power of Comic Relief? Or maybe we expose ourselves to images we typically avoid, so we can feel more comfortable in our affluent lives? Watching the Kibera Slums last spring spurred me to act. Can you help?


The Power of Prayer

We have all heard of the power of prayer. And you know Facebook is the largest social media platform in the World. So what happens when the two collide?

I am really fortunate to be a lover and avid user of Facebook… a home to modern day miracles.

I’ve watched (and been part of) ‘Love Flash Mobs’. Initiatives arranged by Glennon Melton of Momastery that accept donations of no more than $25 (£16) towards making dreams come true for families with challenges. The reason being ‘together we can do hard things’

I’ve also recently been part of a prayer project for a young mum


The Centre for God’s Love, Zimbabwe

Allen’s vision of building a centre to offer high-quality education and training in all aspects of Christian Ministry began some years ago. Since that time he has spent a number of years in the UK, training and has begun spreading his word to bring life to his dream.

A large plot of land in Chinhoyi, 70 miles west of Harare, has been donated to them. Plans have been drawn and the first structure is near completion. The vision is being realised!

With the aim of reaching the most needy and vulnerable, the centre will empower Church Leaders and Communities to share the Gospel with passion and confidence and to show Christian love, grace and kindness.


Preparation + God’s Timing = Perfect Results

For me, coming to the Ministry has taken years of such calling. Many many moments of knowing, longing even, before I’ve been ready to take action. To prepare for God’s work.

A lot of my reservation, has been fear. Feeling unworthy. Not good enough. Not humble enough. Too much of a sinner!

If God has faith in me, who am I to doubt myself? If He believes in me, who am I to say I am not able?

The Ministry isn’t His only work. All work can be God’s work. When doing a job with compassion, love and God in mind, we are in His service.


Being A Mother Helped Me Know God

Who comforts us as we move beyond childhood?

Who do we cry out for? Who can we turn to?

God says in Isaiah 66:13: As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…

In Isaiah 66:12: For thus says the Lord… you shall be nursed, you shall be carried on her hip, and be trotted on her (God’s maternal) knees…’

In a beautiful picture of maternal love, Jesus expressed the depth of divine compassion with the words:
Matthew 23:37: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, ho often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.

Since Jesus came to show us the Father (John 14:11-6) it is not surprising that we find in the Old Testament a similarly beautiful picture of God’s love: