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Thank You Lord God for the Opportunity of Worship

Thank you Lord God for the opportunity of worship,

for the freedom to be amongst your family
meeting together in your house,
and in the warmth of your embrace
Thank you that in worship we can put aside,
the uncertainties of this world and rest
upon the certainties of the Kingdom,
for your promises are not changeable
as those of a politician might be,
but immovable and eternal
Thank you that we can bring to your feet
all the hurts and fears that trouble us,
and leave them there,
knowing that your strength and assurance
are all that we require
Thank you that as we draw near in worship,
we are transported
from a world of concerns and fears,
to a place where we can be at peace in your presence,
find healing, wholeness and refreshment.


Thank you Lord God for the opportunity of worship

If you would like to worship with us, either during a Sunday Service or during one of our other weekly worship sessions, please do come along. All are always welcome (including young children). A full list of times we meet can be found here